UNF Persistence Advocacy Program Manager shares valuable note-taking strategies; Take notes

Kyle McGovern, Reporter

Persistence Advocacy Program Manager Matthew Harris recently hosted a Note-Taking Webinar to share some listening and note-taking tips for UNF students.

“Organization is challenging but manageable,” Harris explained in the Webinar.  

Note Taking can only happen if you know what to do before, during, and after a class meeting. Students must have pens or pencils, loose-leaf paper, a laptop, or have access to the library computer before class. 

Listening closely also helps prepare students for better note-taking. Actively listening, paying attention to social cues, and not worrying about structure is important. 

“During class, you must avoid a formal outline, paraphrase in your own words, record your professors, develop indicators of major points, develop a writing system, and leave space in the margin,” Harris explained.  

“After class, students should adjust by filling in the gaps, recite facts in their own words, reflect by forming opinions, and review notes to remember what you learned. Cornell notes, notecards, and concept maps are beneficial types of note-taking used for different subjects,” said Harris.  

Harris explained that taking notes is about capturing the important information and staying present in the moment. Note formats change with different subjects because you want to highlight important information to understand the material. 

UNF offers multiple Student Academic Success Services (SASS)  webinars that help students with strategies that allow them to be successful in college courses.

 Some include effective online learning strategies, tech tools for success, preparing to be present, making time to be successful, rebounding from midterms, and facing finals. The interactive discussion focused on ways to take notes before, during, and after class time. 

 You can contact Program manager Mattew Harris at [email protected] or by phone at (904)-620-5891 to schedule individual appointments. 

The next UNF Note-Taking webinar will take place on March 18, 2021, at 1:00 p.m. Here is the Zoom link.


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