BHM: Celebrating Black content creators on Twitch

Ketan Narotam, Police Reporter

Black content creators play a pivotal role in shaping gaming culture by creating live content that is both entertaining and inspiring on the popular live-streaming platform The live-streaming service will feature Black creators of all sizes throughout Black History Month to praise their dedication and hard work in community building.

Teecup181 featured on Twitch’s main page. Photo by Ketan Narotam.

“Our goal is for everyone to have a safe, celebratory experience that introduces viewers to awesome communities,” Twitch said in their official blog on Feb. 1, 2021.

Twitch also added a brand new section called the Black Brilliance Recommended Section to help viewers connect with other Black creators. Here, prominent Black creators such as Deejayknight, PikaChuliota, and many others will be showcased. 

Black Brilliance Recommended Section of Twitch. Photo by Ketan Narotam.

Viewers can also connect with other Black creators by checking out the newly created Celebrate Black Brilliance recommended channel feed. 

Celebrate Black Brilliance recommended channel feed. Photo by Ketan Narotam.

Twitch will also broadcast original programming dedicated to Black creators such as the Black Indie Developer Showcase and HBCU Esports League. Both video series will focus on highlighting the contributions Black creators made to gaming and esports.  

Here are a few Black content creators worth checking out on Twitch: 


PikaChulita stream Just Chatting. Photo by Ketan Narotam.

Follower count: 13,000 followers

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PikaChulita is a variety streamer and has been on Twitch since 2017. She loves to stream horror, simulation, first-person shooters, action-adventure, and platformer games. In 2020, PikaChulita was featured in the documentary Now This, which discussed the struggles of being a Black female streamer. In just three years PikaChulita has increased to a whopping 13,000 followers.


Deejayknight streaming the game Beyond Blue. Photo by Ketan Narotam.

Follower count: 82,700 followers

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Deejay Knight is a US Air Force Veteran and loves to stream anything related to space and sci-fi. Some of his favorite games are “Star Citizen”, “Magic The Gathering”, and “Minecraft: Dungeons.”  He has achieved an impressive record of 1,000 consecutive days of streaming. 

Spawn on Me (Kahlief Adams)

Kahlief Adams interviewing Stormymodebae on his podcast. Photo by Ketan Narotam.

Follower Count: 7,100 followers

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Spawn On Me is a popular gaming podcast on Twitch hosted by Kahlief Adams that focuses on gaming news and reviews. What makes Spawn on Me’s podcast unique is how Adams blends humor into his reviews and news segments while remaining unbiased and informative.


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