Inside the Huddle


1.) Jim Schwartz versus Jim Harbaugh. Who yah got?

2.) Dwight Howard said recently during an interview that he is still torn on whether to resign with Orlando. What do you think he should do?

3.) Who’s going to win the World Series? Texas or St. Louis?

4.) With the Oakland Raiders acquiring quarterback Carson Palmer from the Bengals in exchange for a 2012 first round pick and a conditional 2013 second/first round pick, who got the better end of the deal?

Zach’s Answers

1. I’m going with Jim Schwartz on this one. He always seems to be overly fired up and
excited and his team lost Oct. 16, so he had some built-up anger to let loose.

2. As a magic fan, I want him to stay so badly. However, if it were me, I would be gone in a
heartbeat. There are much larger markets that make so much more sense for him — such as L.A., which would gladly pay Howard to be its big man.

3. I think Pujols has a huge series as he pushes for a mega-contract this offseason, but
I don’t see the Rangers losing this series. They are hitting better than they have all
season. I’ve got the Rangers in six games.

4. The Bengals got a really sweet deal. They were adamant about not trading Palmer, but
the Raiders gave them an offer they couldn’t refuse. Possibly two first-round picks for a
quarterback who hasn’t played football in over nine months? Victory for Cincinnati.

Josh’s Answers

1. I gotta go with Harbaugh on this one. After further review, it looks like he’s got a few inches and a reach advantage on Schwartz.

2. Who cares? I’ll worry about it when there’s an actual season.

3. I said it last week, and I’ll say it again, Texas is winning. They’ve got the deepest bullpen, the better experience in postseason and a chip on their shoulder from last year. It’ll definitely be a good series.

4. Is this really a question? The Bengals got a first round and either a second or first round in 2013 for a guy who they weren’t even playing? Brilliant. This might be the first thing the Bengals organization has done right in the last 30 years.
Paul’s Answers

1. Let the Schwartz be with you.

2. Disney World is fun. Too bad the ice cream is overpriced.

3. Arizona?

4. First is always better than sloppy seconds.

Katie’s Answers

1. Heads: It’s Schwartz. Tails: It’s Harbaugh. *Coin flip* Yup, Harbaugh.

2. Can we talk about this when they’ve figured out how to play the game on TV again? I’ll care more when that’s the case.

3. Go Sox!

4. Damn, it seems like the Bengals did. If that’s what they got in exchange for him, either he’s overrated or they know how to play the game.