UNF OZFEST shut down early due to student COVID-19 violations

Darvin Nelson, Editor-in-Chief

OZFEST was supposed to be a “Drive-In” event in which all individuals must remain in their car at all times unless they had to use the restroom. But, some Ospreys crowded in front of the stage, ignoring and violating COVID-19 guidelines.

The video was taken by an anonymous source nearly five minutes before the event was shut down.

The event featured Diplo and MAX, so some students were very excited. Sources told Spinnaker that OZFEST began with students in their vehicles, but as time went on, students abandoned their cars and moved closer towards the stage. 

Photo by an anonymous source.

The security tried to push back and enforce the policies, but the crowd was too forceful. The event then appeared to be shut down about 45 minutes earlier than planned, according to the source.

Spinnaker has reached out to the University, Osprey Life Production Director, and Coordinator for comments.


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