UNF will cease on-campus COVID testing Thursday

Carter Mudgett, Editor in Chief

Starting Thursday, the University of North Florida will be completely discontinuing COVID-19 testing on-campus among other changes to their policies for students, faculty and staff. 

Students and faculty both will “no longer be expected to self-report positive COVID-19 results from tests either performed on or off campus,” the email announcement reads. Everyone is still expected to follow CDC guidance, available here


If you are experiencing viral COVID-19 symptoms, Student Health Services will be open by appointment for them to be assessed by a clinician. If you test positive from a home test, UNF recommends making a telehealth appointment here.  

Class excuse notes are solely provided by SHS for students to request after they receive an assessment by a clinician. If a student gets care from an off-campus clinic, they should “obtain excuse notes on letterhead from licensed clinicians/clinics,” the email states. 


Employees who experience illnesses related to COVID-19, or when caring for members of their household who are ill from COVID-19, may take their own “accrued leave.” More details can be discussed with the employee’s supervisor. As per the email:

“A remote work agreement is not necessary for a temporary arrangement for an isolation period.”


The number of weekly COVID-19 cases at UNF will no longer be posted to the website because they will “not be accurate” under these new guidelines. 

Anyone interested in getting tested for COVID-19 at UNF must do so by Thursday, March 10, as it will be the last day available. Testing for students will still be available for students through SHS.

“We are grateful to the Osprey community for your continued diligence in taking the necessary precautions to avoid the spread of COVID-19,” the email closed. 

Access the full email online here.


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