UNF COVID-19 cases see a slight decrease from previous weeks

David Eckstein-Schoemann, Reporter

UNF saw 16 reported cases of COVID-19 amongst students, and 1 employee case last week, down from the previous week’s 18 student and five employee cases. Having nearly completed the first week of the Fall semester, UNF has already hit 48 COVID-19 cases reported by students alone and Sep. is still a week away. 

Screenshot from Emergency Cases UNF website.

There is a slight step in the right direction because cases reported by students and employees are down from the past week, but the difference is incredibly minuscule. However, with more students congregating every day, infections may once again increase as the fall semester wears on. 

With just a “strong expectation” to get vaccinated and wear a mask, students appear to be growing tired of following UNF’s suggestions, with many faculty concerned about students not wearing masks during class. 

See the complete documentation of COVID-19 cases at UNF here

Spinnaker will continue to report on the changes of COVID-19 cases in the coming weeks and update on any notable causes. 


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