UNF advising shares common mistakes college students make

Hayley Simonson, Managing Editor

The idea of going to college is to come out on the other side of it somewhat successful, so how can students make sure they’re doing that, and what are some of the common mistakes students make that hurt success? 

University of North Florida Director of Advising in the College of Arts and Sciences, Liz Wondell, shared some of the common mistakes students make with Spinnaker. 

Skipping class often 

This is tempting to students who have early morning classes, or classes where the professors may not take attendance. Despite that, don’t do it. You could be missing out on vital information or tools to help you succeed that you could regret later.

Not reaching out for help

If you don’t understand something, make an active effort to reach out for help. If you don’t, you’re only hurting yourself. Wondell shared that UNF has many resources for students like the Student Academic Success Services office, Perch, and Student Accessibility Services. It’s also a good idea to reach out to your professor if you’re struggling with the material. Take note of office hours and make sure you attend them.

Working too many hours while taking a full-time class load

It’s understandable that students need jobs, and need to work. However, working too many hours when taking on a big amount of courses can be challenging. It is recommended to work an outside job that does not exceed 20 hours weekly. 

Photo by Siora Photography/Unsplash.

Not getting to know your syllabus for each class

It is vital to pay attention to quiz/test/project due dates for all your courses to plan out when potential overlapping dates occur to prevent feeling overwhelmed. Try making a calendar and writing out all your deadlines early in the semester so you can stay on top of things.

Not paying attention to your health and wellness

Class and work can be stressful. It is important to remember to take time for your physical and mental health as well. If you’re not healthy, that negatively pours into all other aspects of your life.

Not checking UNF emails for time-sensitive information and alerts

Do not forget to check your UNF email. Chances are that most of the information that comes through there is pretty significant or important. Make a habit to at least check it once or twice a day. 

Not knowing your progress toward a degree

Regularly meet with your Academic Advisor. This is strongly advised and recommended. It takes no time to set up an appointment under the advising tab in my wings. If it’s hard for you to make it to campus for an in-person meeting, UNF advising now offers flexible online advising appointments where you can simply set up a phone call. Your advisor will know what resources are right for you and will help direct you in the right direction so that you stay academically on track. 

Not getting involved

Take advantage of UNF’s many clubs, student government, special events, and lectures.  Get connected! You’re here to learn, but you’re also here to have fun. Don’t miss out on opportunities while you’re here. 

Pay attention to University dates and deadlines

Write these down in your calendar as well. Dates where time tickets come out or registration dates are vital to be on top of. You don’t want to risk finding yourself in a situation where you’re on the waitlist for a class you need. This could cause delays in graduation. 

As a student, try your best to avoid making these mistakes so that you can stay on your fastest track to success. 


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