Watch Ospreys test their might at UNF’s Battle of the Bands

Michael Tracey, General Assignment Reporter

If you want to rock and roll it might be a long way to the top, but the first step to greatness is winning UNF’s Battle of the Bands at the UNF Coxwell Amphitheater this Thursday. Battle of the Bands ignites at 6 pm on Sep. 30, and one lucky group will rise out of the ashes and embrace the spotlight as the opening act in next year’s Oz Fest.

Ozfest, a yearly concert hosted by Osprey Life & Productions, is an exciting opportunity for musically inclined Ospreys to begin their first steps towards rocking out in the big leagues.

Last year’s Ozfest changed to a drive-in event due to COVID-19 but should be back to the regular annual routine next year. Ozfest is also more than just a full-on concert; including food trucks, activities, and numerous carnival rides for those who attend.

 Photo courtesy of UNF Osprey Life & Productions.

Applications for Battle of the Bands are closed, but all Ospreys are welcome and encouraged to support their fellow students as they clash for the opening slot at UNF’s Ozfest in 2022. In addition to the live music, the on-campus event will have activities and free food for attendees to enjoy.

The audience attending and a panel of professional staff and student judges will determine the winner. There are three vital focus areas for judges and the audience to consider when casting a vote: performance, overall enjoyment of music, and creativity.

Bands will have five minutes of set-up time and ten minutes to perform. It’s a short window but is enough time for Osprey talent to make their mark in the history books of UNF’s Battle of the Bands. 

Feel free to check out the event’s Facebook page to stay connected for important updates and spread the word about Battle of the Bands.


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