SG passes bill to swear in senators early

Julia Croston, Government Reporter

(Updated 5:30 pm, Oct. 26, 2021, to correct potentially opinionated claim.)

With an atmosphere of urgency contrasted with occasional laughter, Student Government (SG) met in the Senate chambers to pass the ‘Validation Bill‘ in preparation to swear in 19 Senatorial candidates. 

Officially titled the “Validation of Acclamation of Fall 2021 Senatorial Candidates,“ the bill pertains to this Fall election specifically in order to confirm and document the Senatorial candidates.  With no contest, SG must validate the candidates and bring an early conclusion to the election. 

The confirmed candidates include some new and old faces like David Catone, Nyliah Clark, Maya Drum, Jalen Echenique, Kelton Givens, Grace Glennon, Alex Jenkins, Raymon Johnson, Rohith Kilambi, Alexa Klir, Elizabeth Kramer, Bryson Lee, Andrew Likosar, Mackenzie Morris, Bianca Opdenbosch, Abigail Perez, Nathaniel Rogers, Jacqueline Small, and Emily Sullivan. Only one seat remains vacant out of the 20 open for the election. 

The eligible voting members quickly supported and passed the bill, giving no reason for debate. Recently, SG has faced a lack of interest in Senatorial appointments for the Spring. Swearing in these 19 candidates indicates their hope that this will be another step towards keeping the Senate full. A less-than-full Senate is not ideal for both students and SG, as more senators would mean that there are more chances for revision when creating legislation, and for student voices to be heard. 

The candidates will be sworn in during the next Senate meeting on Nov. 5. After the meeting, these new Senators will begin work right away to gain experience before the 2022 Spring semester. 


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