Social Media Expo JAX 2021 hosted at UNF

Majdouline Bakor, Multimedia Journalist

The UNF School of Communications Media Week has begun and has an entire schedule of events planned to assist students in networking with professionals who are involved in the field of Advertising, Multimedia Journalism, Digital Video Production, and Public Relations. Social Media Expo JAX provides workshops for participants to join and learn more along with guest speakers from the industry. 

The School of Communications will host the second annual Social Media Expo JAX on Friday, Oct. 29. The event will take place at the Adam W. Herbert University Center, registration will begin at 9:00 a.m. and the workshops run from 9:30 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Included are activities such as a ‘TikTok Workshop’ and ‘The Digital Side of the NFL Marketing.’

For the entire Social Media Expo JAX schedule, click here.

Majrouline Bakor

“This day-long experience focuses on strategy, skills, and best practices across the social media and digital industries through a series of lectures, workshops, panels, and networking opportunities,” read the Social Media Expo JAX website.

The event will also include Jacksonville industry guest speakers, including the Digital Marketing Director for NFL Jaguars, Jennifer Garavaglia, and the National Institute of Social Media’s CEO, Jennifer Radke. Participants can experience an inside look at how the field of communications works in action, along with conversations surrounding how those practices have changed during the COVID pandemic. 

Whether you’re a student, faculty, staff, or a person interested in learning more about communications, this event invites all. Both the in-person and virtual conferences of this event require registration and a ticket. 

For more information about pricing and bundles click here.


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