Inside the Huddle, November 30th


Inside the Huddle, By Jordan Harirchi

1. What’s a bigger surprise, Del Rio getting fired or Weaver selling the Jaguars?
2. With a 5-1 streak as starting quarterback, will Tim Tebow lead the Broncos to the playoffs?
3. Are you excited the NBA season hasn’t been cancelled?

1. Neither. Everyone saw both coming. With how many times Weaver denied sale talks, I highly doubt the promises to keep the Jags in Jacksonville will stand.

  1. It really seems too good to be true, but I hope he does. He’s not making it pretty, but he’s providing some sort of magic for the Broncos.

  2. The only reason NBA basketball trumps NASCAR is because it’s actually entertaining to watch. Besides that, I could make do without the NBA.


  1. Del Rio? I never thought he would be fired. Actually, I think I’m more surprised it took so long for this to happen. Random fun fact: both Del Rio and Coughlin had 68 wins with the Jags.
  2. Statistically, it makes no sense that Tebow has been winning. I guess it’s true, you have to have heart to win.

  3. Well, this is yet another thing that I’ve predicted incorrectly this year. I’m happy, mainly because I’m a Heat fan. I’m from Miami and I was there when they were historically bad. Seeing Wade dominate is something I look forward to.


  1. Del Rio was a surprise only because I truly wasn’t expecting the Jags to make a change. The team needs to get to work really badly, here, in Jacksonville. Nowhere else. OK, Shahid Khan? Thank you very much.
  2. I’d love to see the Broncos make it to the playoffs. This season Tebow has done a great job with game-changing plays, and it’s a blast to watch it happen. Say what you want about the guy personally, but he’s at worst a great football player and at best, a star.

  3. With all the fun and gossipy football stuff going on, who would want to focus on basketball? If I say yes, does that mean I can go back to watching football? OK, then. Yes, I’m stoked beyond belief. Couldn’t be more thrilled, in fact. And … football time.


  1. Wow, the Jags actually made a move. And then another. I was half expecting a press conference explaining the release of Maurice Jones-Drew. I’m not too surprised about Del Rio’s departure, but to sell the team on the same day?

  2. Maybe. But they won’t go anywhere. It’s only a matter of time before teams figure out how to defend the Tebow offense. Like the Dolphins’ wildcat, the Broncos’ O will fizzle out. Or maybe Tebow really is the Messiah.

  3. Incredibly. I thought I was going to have to watch football all winter. It doesn’t look like the Jags are making the playoffs this year. So thank God (or Tebow) I can get back to Dwight and company.