Top UNF gifts this holiday season

A Holiday themed display case in the Bookstore.

Nathan Turoff

A Holiday themed display case in the Bookstore.

Nathan Turoff, Features Editor

December has officially begun, and that means that we are reaching the peak of the shopping season in preparation for holidays like Christmas and Hanukkah. Parents love to celebrate the college of their children, and the bookstore is the best place for all sorts of stylish UNF merchandise. Here are some of the best gifts to get this holiday season for your loved ones from the bookstore:

 One way to feed your pet is with this bowl. (Nathan Turoff)

Most of us have pets like cats and dogs who— of course— need food. You can put their food in this adorable navy blue UNF food bowl, complete with dog prints. This is the perfect item to give your four-legged friends this holiday season.

 This cute cooking apron is one of the bookstore’s newest offerings. (Nathan Turoff)

This item was recommended by the bookstore itself. That is, the UNF cooking apron. Many college students are learning to cook for the first time so why not do it in style? This could also come in handy over the holidays for that annual family feast. It features designs based on Jacksonville, UNF buildings, Ozzie himself, and more.

 There’s a cup for everyone. (Nathan Turoff)

One of the best items to warm yourself up with during the cold weather is hot chocolate. Whether you drink hot chocolate or not, the bookstore is guaranteed to have a beverage container for you. There are dozens of different styles of mugs, cups, glasses, thermoses, bottles, and more. They feature different designs and colors, including ceramic and tumblers. Take a look at the countless options to chug some eggnog in style!

 These straws help the Earth and represent your college! (Nathan Turoff)

Plastic straws are some of the most common culprits for plastic pollution. We could just not use them, but some people just like the feeling of slurping through one. UNF offers a two-pack of dishwasher-safe rubber straws that can be reused to your heart’s content. Using these instead of plastics, you are taking just one small step for a cleaner and healthier planet. It even includes a tiny scrub brush to easily clean the straws, as the UNF dorms don’t exactly come with dishwashers.

Say no to the sun this summer with a UNF sunshade like this! (Nathan Turoff)

It may not be necessary now, but don’t forget how hot Florida summers can get. Sunshades are a great way to keep your car feeling like a microwave when you enter it after a hard day’s work. Why have any sunshade, when you can have a UNF sunshade? With this, you can keep your car cool in more ways than one.

 These shirts are some of the only UNF-branded items in the Bookstore to come in the usual colors. (Nathan Turoff)

When walking around the bookstore, it can feel a little bland, as most things come in colors and shades of blue, gray, and white, as those are UNF’s colors. There are exceptions though, with these stand-out t-shirts, which come in far more vibrant colors like purple and pink.

 Since when are vests limited to dress clothes? These UNF vests look great! (Nathan Turoff)

Lastly, check out this stylish blue parka vest. While wearing this, you will look like and feel like a hundred bucks, all while staying warm and comfortable.

If you’ve looked around the bookstore but still can’t find anything that suits your fancy, then you’re in luck. The bookstore’s website has even more selections, deals, and shipping options that suit you best.


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