What is staying open at UNF over winter break?

Nathan Turoff, Features Editor

Finals week is almost done, which means that our official three-week winter break isn’t far away. Lasting until classes resume on Monday, January 10th, 2022, many students that aren’t from Jacksonville will use this opportunity to return home for the holidays. 

However, for many other students, this may not be an option. For students who wish to remain on-campus, their options of what to do and where to eat at UNF will be limited. UNF is officially closed from December 22nd to January 3rd. What will happen to students then? Here is what is staying open for the break and what will be closed for some or all of the break period.


The first-year residential areas, including Osprey Hall, Osprey Cove, Osprey Landing, and Osprey Crossing, will be closed starting at 3 p.m. on the afternoon of Friday the 17th. All students in these areas will not be permitted to stay at all. The Upper-classmen residential areas, including Osprey Flats, Osprey Villages, and Osprey Fountains, will remain open for the entirety of break, along with their respective 24/7 help desks. Further information regarding the residential areas over break, including when and how first-year students can move back in, can be found here. Students should reach out to their RA’s if they have any specific questions.


All dining options on campus, including the Cafe, will be closing at 2 p.m. on Dec 17th. They will reopen on Jan 3rd at the earliest, although some venues may vary.


Most services offered by Recreation and Wellness will be closed for the entirety of the break. Eco Adventure, The new pool, Osprey Cliff, and Ogier gardens will be closed for the entirety of the three weeks. The actual gym of the Wellness Center, as well as the Carpenter Library, will remain open for a little bit of time into the break, albeit with limited hours. These, along with everything else on-campus that hasn’t been mentioned, will eventually close with the rest of the university, but only from Dec 22 to Jan 2. More information regarding these hours can be found here.

To students staying on campus, be careful and plan accordingly. 


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