Police Beat: Suspicious people in scrubs

Lauren Fox, General Assignment Reporter

Unidentified women dressed in medical scrubs went door to door requesting student insurance and identification information in exchange for free COVID-19 rapid tests and a $10 gift card at the University of North Florida (UNF) Osprey Landing dorms Friday, according to a police report.

One of the women told a student she worked for Grace Pharmacy Solutions and had him fill out an online form where he provided his address and pictures of his insurance information and ID card, wrote police in a report.

UPD linked the online form to Grace Community Pharmacy in Palm Beach. They spoke with owner Grace Benet to verify the legitimacy of the women on campus. Benet told police that her pharmacy does have mobile units in Jacksonville, but was unsure why her employees would go door to door since her mobile team is usually on-site and patients go to them.

Benet claimed she did not receive the online forms herself and could not verify their legitimacy. When police questioned Benet further about her Jacksonville mobile team, she repeatedly said she had customers waiting and could not offer further help.

Spinnaker called the Grace Community Pharmacy and employees answered the phone but said they “could not talk about it” and would not provide their names. When asked whether the women in scrubs were employed there, they replied “yes” after a pause.


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