UNF student allegedly spat on other student over pro-life car decal

Liam Sanderson, Police Reporter

A University of North Florida student allegedly spat on another student during a confrontation in Garage 44 last month over a pro-life decal on the victim’s car, according to a University Police Department report. 

The suspect, later identified by police, allegedly put a series of handwritten notes on the back of the victim’s car and was still by the car when the victim came back, the report said. 

Spinnaker requested the photos of the notes from UPD and found that they contained phrases like, “Pro Forced Birth Piece of Shit,” “You don’t give a shit about babies or women. You want to control women,” and “You’re an embarrassment to this campus.”

When the victim started to remove the notes from their car the suspect reportedly said, “Do you like what I put on your car?”

The victim tried to talk to the suspect but as the victim stepped toward them, “the suspect spit at the victim striking her left shoulder with spittle,” the report said. The suspect then returned to their car and left. 

Though there was no damage to themselves or the car, they were concerned that the suspect may try to find their car again and vandalize it.

UPD launched an investigation and, after identifying and interviewing the suspect, found the alleged confrontation did happen. 

“The suspect admitted to placing several abortion/pro-choice handwritten notes on the victim’s vehicle,” the UPD report said. “[They] admitted that the notes had profanity on them and expressed [their] personal views. [They] stated the notes did not contain any threats.”

No criminal charges have been filed against the suspect because the victim didn’t want to pursue charges, the report said, but the case has been sent to UNF Student Conduct.


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