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Ospreys split A-Sun games, still alive to make playoffs


October 28, 2010

The UNF men’s soccer team split another pair of Atlantic Sun games, first beating Mercer University 2-1 Oct. 21, before dropping a 1-0 decision to Campbell University Oct. 23. The win over Mercer did not come easy. In fact,...

Top Five Duets

October 12, 2010

Top Five Songs About the Wild West


September 21, 2010

This week we have the Wild West Club Fest going on, and to celebrate the themed event, I’ve gathered some nice tunes that depict life in the wild, wild west. Now some of these songs have vague representations of the area, but they make u...

Top Five Songs About Haircuts


April 6, 2010

With sweat-summoning temperatures come the obvious clothes shedding, hiked-up electric bill and best of all, the summertime haircut. Be it courtesy of a high-end salon in swanky San Marco or an Arlington-based buddy charging beer...

Top Five Best Songs Ever


March 30, 2010

If you read only one Top Five ever, let it be this one. Here I present you, fine reader, fished out from the ocean of musical mediocrity, an exquisite platter of simply the finest Top Five Songs Ever -- your desert island picks,...

Don’t let the lyrics get lost in the lovely, loopy musical notes


March 9, 2010

If you're a fan of the feature editor's weekly "Top Five Songs to [insert quirky and/or timely topic here] ... " then you might enjoy this rant blog on the often forgotten and personally adored song quality -- lyrics. Most a...

Top Five Songs ‘Bout Bein’ Broke


January 12, 2010

Some kind of warped tradition exists between college students and lack of funds, duh. You know what stretches holes in students' pockets even more dramatically than deceptive happy hours (nobody told me 7 o'clock had passed!)?...

Top Five Bonfire Blasters


November 4, 2009

Finally. Florida has reluctantly recalled her ludicrous lava-esque climate (I’ll admit, I totally lied back in Top Five Introduction to Autumn Albums, back before thermometers really dipped below 72 degrees). Now it doesn’t...

Top 5 Introduction of Autumn Albums


October 6, 2009

Apparently autumn started. Did you notice? Here in the hellhole broiling lands of Florida, the signs take a lot of perception to catch. You notice it when it doesn’t sound like a fiery-good time to give the AC a break and ...

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