University of North Florida Police Department John Dean talks to reporters about the rehiring of officer Carlson. 
Photo taken from video shot by Carolyn Gordon.
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“Sustained” —Atlantic Beach Police internal affairs investigation offers insight into UNF hiring decision

At an Atlantic Beach crosswalk March 31, 2010, Ashley Stump pressed the button, the walk light turned on and she started pedaling her bicycle across Fairway Villas Lane.

She said it was then an Atlantic Beach Police patrol car pulled forward, and the two collided. Stump was knocked off her bicycle, which was then lodged under the tire of the patrol car.

photo by D'Anthony Davezan
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Ospreys Welcomed into the Nest

Congested traffic and crying parents can only point to one thing: move in week.

Friday incoming freshman got a taste of the University life as they lugged their mini-fridges and boxes into their new homes here on campus.

Upperclassmen moved in on Saturday carrying many of the same items, perhaps more adeptly.