Game Room re-opens today

Nathan Turoff, Features Editor

After what felt like an eternity, the UNF Game Room re-opens this week. Almost a year and a half after Student Government announced its controversial decision to bisect the Game Room’s space to make room for other purposes. Following the commencement of construction last semester, after being delayed due to COVID-19, the Game Room is ready to re-open to students for the first time in almost a year.

The now halved Game Room, Photo by Darvin Nelson

In September of 2019, the Senate voted to gut half of the space occupied by the Game Room to make room for Lend-a-Wing. Students were appalled by this decision, yet the construction moved forward despite delays caused by the sudden shutdown of campus in spring of 2020. Upon return of students in fall of 2020, Construction resumed, with an estimated completion date of Spring 2021.

The game room, open for business! Photo by Nathan Turoff

The time has come, and the Game Room is ready to be re-opened to the public. While older students might have a hard time moving on from the glamour that the Game Room used to be, hopefully, it is still able to provide thousands of UNF students with the wonderful gaming atmosphere it was always known for.


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