SG releases survey on student comfortability with UPD

Carter Mudgett, Student Government Reporter

In an effort to better understand the student body’s experience and comfort with the University Police Department, Student Government has released a survey to gauge Osprey’s thoughts on the UPD.

The survey consists of a few multiple-choice and short, optional, open-ended questions for elaboration on certain topics.  

The first questions cover the basics, such as your status at UNF, grade level, gender, and ethnicity, then move on to discuss the level of comfortability with the UPD and Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office on campus. The survey also asks for input on levels of transparency and accountability with the UPD and the JSO.

The Student Government would like to invite all students to take the survey so the UPD and JSO are better equipped to work for all Ospreys through the spring semester and onward. 

You can complete the survey in less than ten minutes here.


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