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UNF student dies in crash
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UNF student dies in crash

UNF student Alex Pepple died in car crash Friday, April 26. According to a press release from JSO, Pepple was driving on Mandarin Road at approximately 2:48 a. m. when his car struck an oak tree and spun across the street. Despite wearing a seatbelt, he was ejected from the […]

The red Mitsubishi involved.
Photo by Jacob Harn
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Car crash on campus

On March 28, two vehicles were involved in a crash – a red Mitsubishi and a silver Mercedes SUV. Jacksonville Sheriff’s Officers at the scene told the Spinnaker that Red was headed towards campus on Central Pkwy and Silver was headed towards Beach on the same road. The sun was likely a contributor to […]

Remembering Dara Kusiv
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Remembering Dara Kusiv

When Dara Kusiv was 16, in the summer of 2008, she spent 10 days volunteering with children in an orphanage in Haiti. Lynn Kusiv, Dara’s mother, said the trip really impacted Dara. “She talked about it a lot,” Lynn said, “and after that, I think she started really trying to […]