Protesters swarm the Green

Jordan Harirchi














Occupy Jacksonville, Ron Paul Fans, and Terry Jones were present

Protestors from the farthest lefts and rights ran rampant at the Republican GOP Debate at the University of North Florida.

Among the many groups was a group led by Terry Jones, the pastor of Dove World Outreach Center who burned a Quran September 2010. Jones, who is registered as a presidential candidate for the Republican Party, said his platform was based on much more than social issues.

“Our main policy is America first,” Jones said. “We have to deport all illegals and focus on our own issues.”

Jones’ group featured a megaphone amplifying messages such as impeach Obama, homosexuality is an abomination and deport all illegal immigrants, but it was quickly silenced by Associate Vice President of Student Affairs Everett Malcolm. He said to the group that The Green is not an amplified speech zone; he said places like the Student Union are appropriate places for  amplified sound.

“[The Terry Jones group] were not aware of the university policy,” Malcolm said. “They opted to stay [at The Green] and not use amplified sound.”

Other groups present included the UNF Pride Club, Occupy Jacksonville, Stephen Colbert fans and Ron Paul followers.

Joseph Basco contributed to this report.


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