Police Beat, Feb. 1

Maggie Seppi

Jan. 24 Criminal Mischief (Fine Arts Center Parking Garage) – An officer met with a victim who had been attempting to park her car in the garage. The victim and another individual had been waiting for the spot, but the victim was closest, so she decided to take it. The other individual drove off while making derogatory comments toward the complainant. The complainant called UPD to report the incident but had to go to class before fully reporting. Upon returning to her vehicle, she found a key type scratch along the left rear panel of her car. The officer attempted to reach the defendant, but the number was not working. Investigation efforts are continuing.

Jan. 25 Sick Person (Lot 18) – An officer observed the victim walking with her bike and an unnamed white male. According to the male, he observed the victim on the sidewalk at the entrance to Lot 18. The male said she crashed her bicycle at that location. When the officer asked her if she remembered falling, the victim said no. She had minor abrasions to her hand and cheek and complained of being nauseous. Fire Rescue Personnel arrived and transported the victim to St. Vincent’s Hospital South.

Jan. 25 Damaged Vehicle (Lot 18) – An officer met with the complainant who said he was removing an immobilization boot from his vehicle. He believed part of the boot punctured the tire. No damage was observed. The vehicle was taken to an outside business for inspection.

Jan. 26 Backpack Theft (Lot 55) – An officer met with the victim who said his backpack and its contents were stolen while he was playing basketball. The victim and three witnesses were playing basketball near the Osprey Fountains when they noticed an unknown black male hanging around the area. They stopped playing, and the suspect walked up and grabbed the victim’s backpack and ran off. The victim asked the employees at the Fountains’ help desk if they had seen anybody filling the description of the suspect, and they said no. The victim said the suspect looked like a person he had played basketball with a couple of days earlier. The officer conducted a search of Lot 55, Osprey Ridge Road, the Walkway, Lot 10 and Lot 9 but found nothing. The case is not cleared. Patrol efforts have been suspended.

Jan. 27 Sick Person (Osprey Fountains) – An officer met with the subject and complainant. The subject was using an assisted breathing device and was unable to speak. The complainant said she observed the subject having an asthma attack and contacted emergency services for assistance. The Jackonville Fire and Recue Department transported the subject to St. Lukes Hospital.