Commentary: Our Two Sense – Jan. 28


Mike Tomassoni
Art Director
Holli Welch
Editor in Chief
Klajdi Stratoberdha
Business Manager
James Cannon II
Assistant News Editor
Which position at UNF deserves to bring home the biggest pay check?
The lead cordinator of UNF’s underground construction project, known as TSTS (Tublerlor Shuttle Telepotation System), deserve’s the fattest paycheck. Due to his hard efforts, students will never be late to class. Maybe not the biggest, but the janitors do a great job keeping the campus in top shape. One even lent me a broom to use when I lived in the dorms. Now that’s personal service. The people who deserve to be paid the most are the academic advisers. They
influence and direct students’ futures while understanding where they are. Shout out to the Coggin College of Business Advisers!
Whatever positions Dr. Neimeyer, Dr. Beasley and Dr. Bohle have.