UNF is about to receive a check from the CNN GOP Debate

Matt Head

By Matt Head, Osprey TV Station Manager


The university is scheduled to receive a check from CNN as reimbursement for all the expenses incurred during the January debate featuring the Republican Presidential candidates. The check was processed last week, according to Joanna Norris, the UNF associate director for Public Relations.

The check will amount to $29,396 for total expenses including $14,389 in overtime costs and $15,006 in expenses. The university says, as per their agreement with CNN, two stipulations were in place. This included classes not being disrupted and the university had to be reimbursed for all expenses.

The university also raised $3,253 the night of the debate, according to Norris. This was up from $1,217 raised the week prior to the debate.

Norris added that the university hasn’t seen a rise in applications since the debate. The website, however, did see an increase. During January 2012, the university’s website had 1,730 hits per month versus a normal month in which the site averages 740 hits per month, according to Norris.