Police Beat, March 28

Maggie Seppi

March 20 Marijuana Use (Osprey Fountains) – Officers observed the suspect, who appeared to be smoking marijuana from a bong, standing in his dorm room window. The suspect gave the officers permission to enter the room. The officers observed a glass bong and marijuana in a glass container on the desk. When asked, the suspect said he had other illegal items in the room, and a search turned up a filter, a compressor and a grinder. The suspect was Mirandized and issued a Notice to Appear. The items were placed in the JSO Property Room. The student was referred to Student Conduct.

March 21 Threatening Phone Call (Lot 5) – An officer met with the complainant, a construction company employee, who said he received a threatening phone call from an employee who had been released from employment within the hour. The two are employees of construction companies working on the UNF Student Wellness Center. In the message, the suspect said his employer “does not seem to be in good shape right now” and that he “will see him in the afterlife.” The employer also said two knives about six inches or more in length were confiscated from the suspect during his employment. The suspect is a white male, about 5 foot seven, 130 pounds, and is known to drive a white four-door Buick Rivera.

March 21 Theft (Lot 10) – An officer met with the victim, who said two of her vehicle’s hubcaps were missing. The victim said she was initially uncertain as to whether or not the hubcaps fell off or were stolen. She spoke with a resident assistant who said he saw the hubcaps in the brush outside of Osprey Landing Building Y. The officer found one hubcap in the area. No other damage to the vehicle was observed, and no potential suspects have been identified. Patrol efforts have been suspended.

March 22 Suspicious Person (Library) – An officer met with the complainant who said while walking from the Library to her dorm, she observed the suspect standing behind a pillar near the Library. As she walked by, he approached her and asked what her name was, as well as where she lived. The complainant said the suspect appeared to on drugs, based on the size of his pupils. Following this interaction, the complainant called the police. While she did so, the suspect ran and hid in a nearby flower bed. An officer later made contact with the suspect and gave him the opportunity to explain his actions, but he declined. He also declined to provide identification and was detained after attempting to walk away from the officer. A second complainant came forth throughout the investigation, who said the suspect had also approached her in the same manner, asking her name and where she lived. The suspect was booked into JSO.

March 22 Theft (Building 41) – An officer met with the complainant who said he discovered his Osprey 1Card missing March 20 when his mother called to tell him he had no money left on it. However, the complainant recalled having money on the card the last time he used it. He said the card might have fallen out of his pocket when he reached in it to use his phone while walking around campus. Upon checking the card’s transactions, it was found it had been used mostly in vending machines in Osprey Hall. No canvass was conducted due to the time factor.

March 22 Marijuana Use (Osprey Hall) – Two officers smelled burning marijuana in the hallway and identified the source. The suspect answered after several knocks on the door and gave the officers permission to enter the room. The officer asked the suspect if he could search her room, and she allowed him to do so. While the officers were searching the room, the suspect pulled out a glass bong and a plastic bottle from a cabinet. An officer also found marijuana concealed in a bag of sugar. The suspect said the marijuana and drug paraphernalia were hers and she had been smoking earlier. She was issued a Notice to Appear for possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana and paraphernalia. The items were placed in the JSO Property Room, and the suspect was referred to Student Conduct.

March 24 Marijuana Use (Osprey Cove) – Two RAs were investigating a possible fire in one of the rooms when they identified the smell of burnt paper and marijuana. They decided to search the room further and found marijuana lying next to the microwave. The resident of the room was present during the investigation and said the marijuana did not belong to him. The student was referred to Student Conduct, and the marijuana was placed in the JSO Property Room.

Source: UPD
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