Letter to the Editor: Something must be done about zealots


Dear Editor,
After weeks of bone-chilling temperatures, no one could be happier than I when I woke up to a magnificently warm morning. I couldn’t wait to get to school simply to sit on the Green and enjoy the weather. After class, I strolled over and set myself up with my lunch and a book to read.

But halfway through my lunch I hear the too-familiar remarks of a young man, Richard, beginning to tell other students about how he was saved, and how we all should be, too.

So what did I do? I rolled my eyes, packed up my things and headed to the Library to write you this letter.

There has got to be some sort of regulation concerning preachers on the Green, no matter what they are preaching! The last thing I wanted was to hear about the touchy subject of religion.

The Green should be a place for students to relax, meet their friends and enjoy activities, not listen to the yapping of zealot preachers trying to coerce “sinners” to repent. I know others have written into you regarding this subject, and I hope my letter will have to be the last one printed.

UNF needs to come up with a solution to this problem: establish a specific area for those who want to preach their message of (in)tolerance that isn’t within earshot of those who simply want to enjoy the Green.

Amanda Glucklich,
Senior, International Studies