Letter to the Editor: Men and women step up to challenge to honor sexuality


Dear Editor,
I would like to address the choice of advertisements in the Spinnaker. The March 4 issue contained a half-page ad for Lux Ultra Lounge on page 12.  The ad featured a seductive girl in a revealing bra.

She was looking at the reader, not so subtly implying that if you attend the club you will get even more opportunities to lust after her.

This is just one of many advertisements that is on par with soft pornography.  The purpose of these ads is to sell a product at the expense of a girl’s body and dignity.

Have we lost all respect for women today?  Are they just objects to be lusted after, used and discarded like every other product in our materialistic culture?

I’m issuing a challenge to all the young men and women on this campus.

To the women: Stop tolerating this debasement of your true value! Don’t put up with the boys in your life who objectify you and lust after you. They do not want what is best for you; they just want your body for sexual gratification.

Stop dressing to bring on these temptations and start dressing in the beauty and mystery of modesty that is worthy of your dignity.

To the men: I challenge you to be just that – men. Do you think manhood is measured by how many girls you sleep with?

Who has more strength: the person who can choose to “do anything he wants” but succumbs to sexualtemptation every time or the man who understands true freedom is realized in choosing to do the right thing.

Our sexuality is a beautiful and powerful gift. But like all powerful things, it comes with great responsibility and has dire consequences if misused.

So I ask the campus newspaper, and all the men and women on this campus, to stop accepting the debasement of sex and stand up for real and true love that values and desires the best for one another.

Charles Atkinson
Freshman, Jazz Studies