2009 Student Government Spring Elections


3 constitutional amendments pass

The Spring 2009 General Elections were conducted March 10 and 11, and the official results were posted by Student Government March 24 after the senate confirmed the results.

In addition to the 20 new senators elected, the ballot included three referenda items to be voted on by the student body. Here is a breakdown of the election results.

CR-08F-2251: First semester exception
Prior to the elections, if one came in as a freshman or transfer student, he/she could not hold office as a senator because of a qualification that required a GPA of 2.25 or higher. The amendment was proposed so that qualified candidates could run for senate without a UNF GPA.

The amendment passed with 322 “yes” votes and 233 “no” votes.

CR-08F-2257: Amendment to Article IV
With the increase in work load for the council, SG requested an increase from seven to nine justices.

The amendment passed with 437 “yes” votes and 117 “no” votes.

CR-08F-2263: Increase in college seats
Prior to elections, the senate consisted of 46 seats – 40 open to all students and six for college-specific seats. The proposed amendment increased the total number of senate seats to 52, allowing two senate representatives for each college.

The amendment passed with 433 “yes” votes and 121 “no” votes.


Name Number of votes
Nicole E. Finkel 336
Danielle Tarangelo * 312
Miranda Tiona* 311
Lindsay Calkins 307
Laura Grace McGregor 306
Otis A. Green 299
Rachael Nolan 297
Thomas Walker 288
Megan Cathynn Chiarello 287
Mary Vale 285
Kyle G. Nelson 283
Shennette Sheffield 278
Erica Richey 275
Andrew F. Collette 274
Abhishek Bera 269
Mersilda Kasemi 267
Bradley Talbert 260
Jose Barrientos 246
Manuel Roman 243
Travis R. Smyth 224

* denotes incumbent

President and Vice President
John Barnes, Mike Saathoff 531

College of Business
Lindsey Perkins  114

College of Education and Human Services
Katie J. Caston    47

Compiled by Jonathan Morales.