March 20 – March 29


March 20 – Grand Theft (Building 58) – Several hand tools were stolen from an electrical closet at a designated construction site of the new Student Union building. The cost of the stolen hand tools was estimated to more than $2,000.

March 22 – Criminal Mischief (Building 5) – A UNF employee found the gate that secures the rear of Building 5 and the gas pumps damaged. The suspect pried the lock section down allowing the chain to fall off its holder.

March 22 – Information (Building 900A) – UPD was called to an employee who was complaining about chest pain. Because of his previous heart problems including bypass and stints, Rescue 50 transported him to St. Luke’s Hospital for further medical evaluation.

March 23 – Drug Investigation (Building V) – During an inspection, resident assistants observed a glass bottle containing marijuana on a bed inside the room. The student, who first denied possession of any drug paraphernalia, finally produced a container containing a glass pipe with marijuana residue and a soda-bottle bong. The student then led the officer to the first floor of the V-building where he hid the glass bottle along with a metal grinder and a digital scale. The student was referred to Student Conduct.

March 23 – Theft (Building X) – A student left his backpack sitting by his room door for 10 minutes while he walked to the housing office to obtain a new key. When he returned his backpack was missing. Due to a missing serial number, UPD could not run his iPod through pawn shop database.

March 24 – Public Disturbance (Baseball Complex) – During the baseball game between UNF and UF, a fully nude student ran across the Northeastern portion of the baseball complex. The student, who later admitted to consuming alcohol, stated he thought it would be funny to streak during the game. The student was arrested and referred to Student Conduct.

March 24 – Grand Theft (Building 4) – A UNF employee contacted UPD to report a stolen laptop. The laptop was assigned to her department and was not seen since fall 2008. It was run through the pawn database with negative results.

March 24 – Fighting (Building U)
– A loud verbal argument was broken up between a UNF student and his girlfriend as they were walking to the dorm room. UPD was called after the male student was seen pushing his girlfriend inside of his dorm room to prevent her from leaving. The female, who is a USF student, was issued a trespass warning and advised to take advantage of the counseling services at her home campus. Assistant State Attorney states the Dating-Violence Statue could not be pursued in this case.

March 24 – Accidental Injury (Lot 18)
– UPD was dispatched to the recreation field for a student who injured his left knee while playing flag football. His friend drove him to the Beaches Baptist Hospital after he refused treatment from Jacksonville Fire and Rescue.

March 25 – Theft (Building 41) – A student who parked his motorcycle in the parking garage left to go to class while leaving his jacket on the motorcycle’s seat. His jacket, valued at $150, was stolen from the garage.

March 29 – Theft (Lot 12)
– A student who parked her car at the parking lot and returned to her vehicle less than an hour later found her license plate missing. The tag appeared to be unscrewed and taken.