Letter to the Editor: Project didn’t force views on anyone


Dear Editor,
As the organizer of the Genocide Awareness Project that appeared on campus last month, I’d like to respond to the April 1 column by Andrea Farah.

Ironically, Mrs. Farah actually agrees with us on the most important aspect of our campaign. She called our pictures disgusting, repulsive and terrorizing. We agree. Abortion is all of those. Anyone with a functioning conscience would be appalled.

Is it logical to argue that pictures of abortion are disgusting and terrorizing, but the act of abortion is somehow OK?

She says our use of the term genocide is an emotional appeal. But she offers no argument that unborn children are anything other than human. What would you call the destruction of 1.2 million human beings annually?

She said we “forced” our opinions on her. How could anyone do such a thing? If we could “force” our opinion, then she would now agree with us, wouldn’t she? Perhaps she was trying to say we should help the abortion industry hide the evidence of their evil deeds from her eyes. Sorry, but as long as Americans are killing children, we (Lord-willing) will expose this horrific injustice for all to see.

If you want to see what this debate is all about, please go to www.abortionNo.org.

C. Fletcher Armstrong, PhD
Southeast Director, Center for Bio-Ethical Reform