Police Beat week of Sept. 26

Olivia Osland

Sept. 17 Theft (Building 18) – An officer met with a complainant who said his skateboard was stolen from the rack outside the building. The complainant did not have it locked and did not know who may have taken it. The officer asked the complainant to contact him if he sees it.

Sept. 18 Theft (Lot 55) – An officer met with a complainant who said her parking decal was stolen. The officer observed remaining adhesive on the back window but no visible “VOID.” The officer obtained the decal number. There are no current suspects.

Sept. 19 Marijuana Possession and Paraphernalia (Lot 12) – An officer observed a car make a left turn in front of a truck, which had to stop immediately to avoid crashing. The car returned to the parking lot, and the officer activated his emergency lights. The officer noticed an odor of marijuana as he approached the car. The driver, a minor, gave the officer his information. The car contained two other passengers. The officer told the driver he smelled marijuana, and the driver admitted to smoking it in the car prior to being stopped. The driver produced a bottle of tobacco, ash and a marijuana roach. The officer conducted tests on the driver and a passenger and observed dilated pupils and a lack of focus. The officer contacted the driver’s parents who took custody of the suspect and the car. The officer issued the driver a citation for failure to yield to oncoming traffic making a left turn.

Sept 19. Theft (Bookstore) – An officer met with an employee who said a video tape contained footage of a female walking out of the bookstore with an unpaid for book valued at $130. Another employee, who assisted the suspect, said the suspect told him the book was for a psychology class she had that day. The officer attempted to locate the suspect through the psychology department but was unable to do so. The officer went to the class the employee said she mentioned, but there were no students in the room. The current manager at the bookstore said if the suspect returns to pay for the book, she will not press charges. The investigation is ongoing.

Sept. 20 Burglary (Lot 18) – An officer responded to a possible burglary and observed a broken window. The owner of vehicle soon arrived at the scene. The officer observed valuable items in plain view that had not been taken. The student was unable to locate the car title and registration that he said he kept in the driver’s door. The student opted against a print search because he had already touched the door and glove box. There are no current suspects. The investigation is ongoing.

Sept. 20 Sick Person (Building 9) – An officer responded to an emergency call in reference to a sick person. The officer found the subject unresponsive at a table with friends surrounding her. The subject has a known medical condition and needed medical attention. Rescue transported the subject to the Mayo Clinic.

Sept. 19 Theft (Wellness Complex) – An officer met with a complainant who said her Osprey1 card and Honda car key had been stolen. The complainant said she used a daily locker to place her items in it and made sure it was locked before she left for her workout. When she returned a few hours later, the locker would not open. She said she went to the front desk for assistance. An employee opened the locker, but the complainant said someone else’s items were in it. The complainant returned the next day to see if her items had been found, but they were not recovered. There are no current suspects.