April 20 – 22


April 20- Petty Theft- (Building 53) – A UNF employee contacted UPD after realizing her cell phone was missing from her office. She had to leave her office door open because her key wasn’t working. The victim’s purse was left untouched, and she has contacted her cell phone service provider to get the phone turned off.

April 22 – Simple Battery – (Lot 18)
 – A UNF student suffered minor injuries after another student pulled her out of her vehicle by the hair and then hit her while she was on the ground. UPD did not make arrests because the victim signed a Prosecution Declination to drop the case.

April 22- Information – (Lot 14) – A UNF student got off the shuttle and was approached by a male suspect, who said, “You like to wear short skirts. I’ve seen you before in short skirts.” The suspect made no threats and did not follow her to her vehicle. The officer who was patrolling Lot 14 could not find the suspect.

April 22- Information – (Building Q) – A UNF student living in the Crossings contacted UPD after realizing her roommate urinated in her bottle of hair treatment. The suspect was not on campus, so a resident assistant contacted the suspect by phone. The suspect denied committing the act. There were no witnesses to the incident and no evidence that a criminal act was committed but the suspect was referred to Student Conduct.