May 4 – 7


May 4- Petty Theft (Building 26) UPD was alerted to the men’s locker room after a UNF employee noticed his car key and his employee identification card were missing. After the victim and the officer searched inside garbage cans in the locker room and around the building, the car key was found but the identification card was not. The victim is canceling the card.

May 5- Petty Theft (Building 818) A UNF employee contacted UPD after noticing his microwave was missing out of a break room in the Duplicating Services BuildingThe victim found the microwave in the dumpster and claimed it worked. The microwave was valued at approximately $80.

May 7- Information (Building 55) A UPD officer was dispatched to The Fountains after one of the workers there was experiencing an allergic reaction to an ingredient in a sandwich. The worker was transported to Mayo Clinic for further medical evaluation.