May 9 – 12


May 9 – Information (Lot 18) UPD was dispatched to Lot 18 in response to a sick person. After UPD called Fire and Rescue, the ill person was transported to St. Vincent’s Medical Center.

May 11 – Damaged Property (Lot 12) Two vehicles were covered in dust and dented in Lot 12 due to three workers cutting lines in the concrete. The officer contacted physical facilities, who informed UPD of the name of the contractor. The contractor could not return to campus until May 12, so UPD told him to contact them when he arrived.

May 11 – Lost Property (Building 58) A complainant notified UPD of her lost driver’s license. She claimed to have left it on the counter in the bookstore. When she went to get it back, it was not there. The officer contacted various lost and founds around campus and could not locate the license.

May 12 – Suspended License (Lot 12) A UPD officer pulled over a vehicle for a broken tail light. Upon checking the license of the driver, the officer discovered that it was suspended and that the victim had three local capias on his record. The driver was arrested and the vehicle was removed by the passenger, who had a valid license.