July 2 – 18


July 2 – Stolen Property (Lot 18) – A student parked in Lot 18 noticed a UNF parking ticket on her car. When she left the vehicle, she had a parking decal hanging from her rear-view mirror, but upon returning, it was gone. She said the doors were locked, but she had left her passenger-side window down approximately 4 inches.

July 14 – Drug Possession (Building X) – While doing rounds, some resident assistants noticed the fragrance of marijuana. When confronted, the student produced a sack with a small amount of marijuana and a partially smoked joint. One resident assistant took possession of the contraband and called UPD. Criminal charges were not filed, because the resident assistants took possession of the marijuana before UPD arrived. The student was referred to Student Conduct.

July 16 – Drug Possession (Building U) – While at a day-glow party at Club Aqua, a student took what she thought was ecstasy. She began to feel the effects at midnight. The victim and her friends arrived at the Osprey Cove dormitory at 3:30 a.m. when she began to experience chest pains and a rapid heart rate. The student was taken to the Mayo emergency room for treatment.

July 16 – Alcohol Investigation (Building 12) – UPD was called after a librarian and safety ranger could not pacify an unruly patron. He reportedly harassed the librarian and would not answer questions from UPD. The officer attempted to frisk the suspect, who resisted. He was then placed in handcuffs and subsequently arrested. The suspect was not affiliated with UNF and therefore, was issued a trespass warning.

July 17 – Petty Theft (Building A) – Police were dispatched to Osprey Village after a resident reported her bicycle seat stolen. The bike was stored on a rack to the east, adjacent to Building A. The bike was not locked, and the victim believes the seat was stolen sometime around July 1. The case was recommended for suspension, as there are no leads.

July 18 – Damaged Property (Lot 10) – A construction truck backed into a light pole, pushing it over. The pole is now leaning but has been taped off to keep people away from it. The truck suffered some damage to a brake light. The pole already had some damage before the incident.