Police Beat week of Nov. 14

Olivia Osland

Oct. 29 Damaged Property (Building 2) – An officer met with an employee who said two Pepsi machines had been damaged. He said the broken latches on the machines allowed the suspect to retrieve the money from the drop box. Both machines were emptied and unplugged. They planned to remove them within the following few days and replace them with new machines. A canvass was not conducted due to the time frame.

Oct. 31 Suspicious Behavior (Library) – An officer met with a complainant who said she was approached by a male who asked her to participate in a project for his class while she was studying in the library. The complainant said she allowed him to run a ballpoint pen along the bottom of her foot to test her reactions. He then asked to take a picture of her feet. The complainant declined and returned to studying. She then called the Brooks College of Health and was told there are no projects going on at this time.

Nov. 6 Marijuana Paraphernalia (Osprey Crossing) – An officer met with a complainant who said there was a marijuana odor coming from one of the rooms. The officer approached the suspected room and made contact with the resident. The resident admitted to having paraphernalia and gave the officer his items, which included a bag of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The student was referred to Student Conduct.The items were placed in the JSO Property Room.

Nov. 6 Theft (Building 8)- An officer met with a suspect, Taurean Blaque Watson, for questioning. A student had reported a missing laptop and the officer observed the suspect take the laptop on a surveillance camera. The surveillance video also indicated the person who took the computer was a Physical Facilities employee in uniform. The suspect said he had intended to return the laptop. However, the suspect had not returned the item, despite there being a reasonable amount of time to have done so. He had also made no attempt to do so on this day and had not reported the incident to his supervisors. The suspect was positively identified through the video surveillance, and the officer placed him under arrest for grand theft. The property has still not been returned.

 Nov. 7 Criminal Mischief (Osprey Crossing)- An officer met with a complainant who said someone threw a beer bottle through his window. The subject said he was watching T.V. and heard a loud crash. When he noticed it was his window, he looked out but did not see anybody. There are no current suspects.

Nov. 7 Theft (Building 16)- An officer met with two complainants in reference to stolen skateboards. The complainants said they left their skateboard on the rack while having lunch and did not lock them up. Upon returning, the skateboards were gone. A canvass was not conducted, due to the amount of pedestrian traffic in the area.

Nov. 8 Theft (Building 16) – An officer met with a complainant who said his skateboard had been stolen. The subject said he left his skateboard outside while eating lunch. He did not lock the skateboard to the rack and did not know any possible suspects. When he returned, his skateboard was gone. The officer searched the immediate area with negative results.

Nov. 8 Theft (Building 61)- An officer met with two complainants who said their cell phones had been stolen. The subjects said they left their phones in an unsecured locker in the building. When they returned to the locker a few hours later, their phones were not in it. They said they attempted to call the cell phones, but they had been turned off. The case has been suspended.