Police Beat Jan. 29- confusion, mischief and stalking

Olivia Osland

Jan. 22 Sick Person (Building 3) – An officer met with a complainant who said she was having difficulty breathing. The student said she has asthma and was running to class. The student was transported to Mayo Clinic and her mother was contacted.

Jan. 23 Confused Person (Lot 53) – An officer responded to a woman lying in the grass on the side of the road. The officer arrived at the location and began speaking with the student. The student appeared to be intoxicated and confused. When the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department arrived, she ran into Lot 53. After being located, the individual began pulling away and became increasingly belligerent. The student was released to the fire department, who transported her to Memorial Hospital for evaluation.

Jan. 23 Possible Stalking (UPD) – An officer met with a complainant who said she was contacted by someone who she had asked not to contact her again. In previous reports, the student explained that her ex-boyfriend had caused a disturbance in her workplace, and she said she saw him outside of the building she was going into. The suspect wrote the complainant a message apologizing for what happened at her work, and asked her to contact him if and when she is ready. The victim said he had not made any threats but she was overwhelmed by how much he was contacting her. The officer contacted the suspect who agreed to meet with him at UPD.

Jan. 16 Theft (Lot 55)- A victim contacted UPD in reference to a stolen parking permit. The student told UPD he was not aware his permit had been missing until he received a parking ticket. There are no current suspects.

Jan. 24 Injured Person (Osprey Crossings)- An officer met with a victim who said she hurt her head. The student had fallen and hit her head in the process of getting back up. The officer observed a wound where the victim said she hit her head. Emergency rescue responded and transported the student to Mayo Clinic.

Jan. 26 Altercation (Lot 18)- An officer met with a complainant who said a conversation with his ex-wife’s new husband had turned into an argument. The complainant said the subject approached him and told him not to go into his home unattended. The complainant turned to walk away when the subject grabbed him and continued to speak to him. There have been no past issues between the two. The complainant agreed to sign a Prosecution Declination.

Jan. 26 Missing Truck (Osprey Fountains)- An officer met with a complainant who said her truck had been taking from the premium parking lot. The complainant said she shares ownership with an ex who is currently living out of state. The complainant said they agreed that if she was not making payments, he could take the car. The complainant said she has been making payments but she is sure he took the car.The officer completed an auto theft affidavit and determined the matter is civil and no other law enforcement is needed.

Jan. 27 Marijuana Paraphernalia (Osprey Crossings)- An officer met with with a complainant who said she found a small bag of marijuana near the stairs of the building. The complainant gave the bag to the Resident Assistant who then called UPD. The evidence was placed in the JSO property room and the case was closed.

Jan. 27 Altercation (Osprey Fountains)- An officer met with a complainant who said he was having troubles with his roommate. The complainant had made an appointment with the Housing Office to discuss the issues. When the complainant returned to the room, his roommate returned and they began arguing. The complainant said he tried to leave but the subject blocked him then pushed him away. The subject said he blocked him but did not push him. Since no parties were injured, the complainant did not want to press charges. The complainant asked that he be moved to a different room until the issue is resolved.

Jan. 26 Criminal Mischief (Building 58)- An officer met with a complainant who said several fraternity and sorority letters had been thrown into the lake. The chains that were used to secure the letters had been broken off.The complainant said another sign had been thrown in the lake near Osprey Landing earlier in the week. The officer contacted Sorority and Fraternity Life.