Police Beat week of Feb. 6

Olivia Osland

Jan. 11 Theft (Building 43)- An officer met with a complainant who said her wallet and handbag were missing. The complainant said she attended a private party in the ballroom and placed her items against the wall. When the complainant went to leave the items were missing.


Jan. 20 Suspicious Behavior (UPD)- An officer met with a complainant who said she and her daughter received phone calls she believes were meant to intimidate her. The complainant said her brother was a victim of homicide March 2012 and the phone calls concerned her. The officer verified the homicide with a JSO Homicide Detective but the detective said the case was not classified as a homicide. The complainant said she is speaking with a State Attorney about the case. The complainant’s daughter agreed to contact UPD if the phone calls continue.


Jan. 29 Theft (Arena)- An officer met with a student who said he was playing basketball with his friends and left his iPhone in his hat near the entrance. The student noticed four males enter the building and hang around the entrance, then leave. No one at the front desk had any information on the males who entered the court. The student will obtain the serial number for the continuing investigation.


Jan. 29 Theft (Wellness Complex)- An officer met with a complainant who said his vehicle key, fob and Osprey card were missing. The student said he placed the items in a locker during his workout. When he returned, the items were missing. The student returned to the complex at closing and went through all the lockers but did not find his items.


Jan. 31 Emergency Medical Attention (Osprey Landing)- An officer met with a complainant who said she woke up to her roommate having seizures. The complainant said her roommate did not “come around” after the seizure. Emergency rescue responded and transported the victim to Mayo Clinic.


Jan. 31 Injured Person (University Center)- An officer met with a complainant who said she became tangled in a yellow cloth that was covering a table. The complainant was at a table welcoming students for the adult education center. The student complained of pain in her knee and hip, and refused emergency rescue.


Jan. 31 Damaged Property (Building 45)- An officer met with a complainant who said he accidentally hit a light pole while riding his bike and was afraid that he damaged it. The officer did not observe any damage that could affect the functioning of the light.


Feb. 01 Theft (Osprey Fountains)- An officer met with a complainant who said she observed an individual steal a York Peppermint Patty from Ozzies Store & Grille. The complainant said she wanted to press charges. The officer contacted the suspect, who admitted to stealing the item. The suspect was apologetic and took full responsibility for his actions. He was arrested and issued a notice to appear in court.