Police Beat – Week of Feb. 13

Olivia Osland

Feb. 01 Fraud (UPD)- An officer met with a complainant who said she found a position through the university and applied for the job. The point of contact was listed as Reba Bivens with a disconnected phone line. The contact sent the student a check for $1,976 and instructions to deposit the check into her account, then send that amount to Ms. Bivens via MoneyGram. The student followed the instructions but recently noticed the check had bounced and now her account is short the money. The victim was able to view limited information on the check and found that it came from New York. This case is suspended.

Feb. 01 Damaged Property (Student Union)- An officer met with complaint who observed damaged bathroom signs in the East wing of the Student Union. The officer observed the heads of the figured on the bathroom signs were missing and “don’t lose your head” written on the signs. There are no current suspects.

Feb. 01 Vandalism (Lot 18)- An officer was patrolling the area when he noticed green spray paint on two skateboard ramps. The officer did not observe gang symbols or suspicious markings and continued searching , also finding damage to a campus emergency phone. The beacon light had been knocked off and the phone was not operating. There are no current suspects.

Feb. 02 Marijuana Possession (Osprey Crossings)- An officer met with two Resident Assistants who said they smelled marijuana while doing their rounds. The officer made contact with the suspect and asked about the suspicious smell. The suspect was forthcoming and gave the officer her paraphernalia and marijuana. The officer mirandized the student. Case cleared by arrest.

Feb. 02 Identity Theft (UPD)- An officer met with a complainant who noticed unauthorized sums of money showing on her credit reports. The amounts ranged from $6,000- 8,000 in reference to housing units in Orlando and Winter Park. The officer suggested the victim check with the credit report companies. A detective is expected to follow up on the case.

Feb. 03 Intoxicated Person (Osprey Landing)- An officer met with a complainant who thought his roommate needed medical attention due to excessive alcohol intake. The complainant said he found his roommate vomiting in his bed so he picked him up and brought him to the bathroom. The officer observed the suspect laying on the bathroom floor. He was awake but unresponsive. Emergency rescue responded and transported the subject to St. Vincent’s Hospital.

Feb. 04 Injured Person (Building 50)- An officer met with a complainant who said she slipped and fell on the tile floor. The complainant said she had pain in her knee and believes she injured it. Emergency Rescue responded and transported her to Mayo Clinic.

Feb. 07 Marijuana Paraphernalia (Osprey Crossings)- An officer met with a complainant who said she smelled marijuana. The officers attempted the contact the residents of the suspected room but no one answered the door. The Resident’s Assistant keyed into the room and the officered entered. The officers observed two glass bongs, five glass pipes and a metal grinder. The items were taken to the JSO property room and the students will be referred to student conduct.

Feb. 08 Theft (Osprey Fountains)- An officer met with the manager of Ozzie’s who said he observed an ex-employee enter the store with a cup, fill the cup with the soda fountain and leave without paying. The manager said he wants to press charges. The officer made contact with the suspect and the student admitted to filling his cup. The student said he always does it and had not been spoken to about it. The student was given a notice to appear in court.

Feb. 08 Theft (Osprey Cove)- An officer met with a complainant who said she was missing cash and her iPad. The student said she hides the cash in a drawer in her room and the cash had gone missing. The student also said her iPad was nowhere to be found but the case was still in her room. A key audit was conducted but yielded no leads.