Smoking Ban Proposed for UNF

Dana Levy

Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons
Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons
UNF appears to be following other state universities with concern to campus tobacco rules. Administrators have drafted a proposal to ban all forms of tobacco on campus by August 2014.

Tom Serwatka, Vice President Chief of Staff, said all faculty, staff, and student government members have received a copy of the proposal. He said they hope to have an open discussion with feedback from anyone on campus.

Serwatka said there will be a hearing before the final decision is made, which will give everyone a chance to speak on the matter.

Krissty Anduar, junior communications major, said, “I honestly think it’s absurd to ban smoking on campus.  Smoking is not illegal and there are designated smoking spots which are what the campus offers anyways.”

The proposal claims 12% of students and 6.5% of staff consider themselves daily smokers.

Serwatka said the Safety Council and Healthy Osprey organizations collaborated on the proposal.

The University of Florida was the first Florida state university to ban the use of tobacco products on campus.

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