September 8 – 10


Student reports scratches on vehicle

Sept. 8 – Property Damage (Lot 18) A student called UPD after noticing a scratch with maroon paint on the driver’s door of his white Honda Civic. The car parked next to the Civic was a maroon Mitsubishi. The police officer did not notice any damage or scratches to the Mitsubishi. The officer left a note informing the owner the incident was reported and to expect to hear from the other complainant about repairs.

Altered pass found by Parking Services

Sept. 10 – Petty Theft (Lot 18) Instead of paying $3 for a daily pass to park in Lot 18, one student altered last year’s parking pass. A Parking Services employee noticed it and contacted UPD. The student told the officer she planned to buy an annual pass the next day. The student was referred to Student Conduct anyway and given a notice to appear for theft.

Student injured while running, receives foot stint

Sept. 10 – Information (Building U) UPD responded to a call in Osprey Cove where the officer found UNF student Dejonaira Jones laying on the ground in the courtyard area. The student said she hurt her foot from running around and playing. Fire and Rescue were at the scene and applied a stint. The student declined an ambulance transport; her roommate took her to Shands Hospital instead.

Editor’s Note: Police reports are public record. The only reason UPD is allowed to withhold a police report is if it is still under investigation, Chief John Dean said. Therefore, this is the correct number of closed cases for this week.