Sept. 20 Budget&Allocations highlights

Hali Harden

Student GovernmentTravel Requests Passed

Delta Sigma Pi, a business professionals club, made a travel request of $1,414 to attend a LEAD Conference in Columbia, S.C. on Oct. 12.  The twelve students would be gaining knowledge of the work-field by attending workshops with students from across the country.  The request was approved 6-0.

Phi Alpha Delta, an international and pre-law fraternity, made a travel request of $1,370.34 to attend a Pre-Law Conference in Alexandria, V.A. for November 13-17.  The four students going would be attending workshops on law-school admissions, LSAT prep, and chapter operations.  The request was approved 6-0.

Bill Purposely Failed

The UNF Organic Project was scheduled to present, but was absent from the Committee meeting.  No motion was made and the bill died.  Fransua Estrada, Budget and Allocations Committee Chairman,  said there will need to be eight Senator’s signatures for the group to present at the Senate meeting next week.

More information was required from the group, Estrada didn’t receive that information until Thursday.  The Committee Meeting Agenda was due on Wednesday.

“The bill was purposefully failed so that they could get a fair and just chance to present in the Senate next week,” said Estrada.

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