Possible theft recorded on tape

Joseph Cook


A handicapped student living in Osprey Landing called UPD because he believed that a woman he worked with had been stealing cash from him.

According to UPD’s report, $65 went missing from his wallet pouch over a period of three weeks. In an attempt to catch the thief, the victim’s brother turned on a computer webcam which faced the victim’s bed.

On Oct. 1, the victim put an unmarked twenty dollar bill and a ten dollar bill in the zippered compartment of his wallet pouch. No one else entered the room until the next morning, Oct. 2.

The webcam video showed when the victim was not present in the room, the suspect touched the wallet pouch, which hung from one of the bedposts. According to the UPD report, the strings of the pouch moved visibly, and the suspect continued touching the pouch for several seconds.

The victim checked the pouch after the aide had left for the day, and the ten dollar bill was missing. The victim then called the suspect, and told her that some of his money was missing. She claimed to not have taken any money or items from him.

The victim then called his brother, who in turn confronted the aide about the theft. The victim’s brother told the suspect that there was a recording of her taking the money, but she again denied taking anything.

Later the same day, the suspect texted the victim that she was sorry that the money was missing, but she did not take anything. She offered to borrow money from someone and give it to him.

The officer who investigated the case attempted to contact the suspect, but she did not answer her phone. The officer then called the suspect’s place of employment and spoke with the manager.

The report says the manager stated the suspect admitted that she had accessed the pouch, but denied taking any money.

The manager said she heard this when she had a conference with the suspect and another staff member.

On Oct. 3, the victim told the Spinnaker that he decided not to pursue charges.

“Just because she did steal from me, and that was not a good thing, does not mean that she is not a good person,” he said.

He stated that he knows the suspect well, as they have worked together about a year, and he knows people make mistakes.

The suspect declined to comment to the Spinnaker, but has agreed to be interviewed by UPD. Investigation is ongoing.

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