Parking lot security cameras not for recognizing faces

Rebecca Rodriguez

Work from Wikimedia Commons by Rama
Work from Wikimedia Commons by Rama

After a series of burglaries in Lots 55 and 10, UPD was unable to identify any suspects although there was security footage of the crime scenes.

“There are technologies where you can probably get some better pictures, but I don’t think we have any of those new technology cameras,” Charles Strudel, Interim Chief of UPD said in an interview with the Spinnaker on Sept. 26.

Jeff Durfee, Director of Network Systems and Security, said there are about a dozen different brands of security cameras on campus. They are designed differently, depending on the location.

Durfee said the types of cameras in UNF parking lots are designed to capture a large area, so they do not record people’s faces or license plate numbers well.

The panorama security cameras are intended for crowd control. UPD can locate a possible crime and arrive at the specific area, Durfee said.

“I know that UPD has [security cameras] in a number of lots. I don’t know off hand which ones. Even if I actually had that in front of me, I don’t think I would be comfortable giving that out,” Durfee said.

He said the cameras are not in bad condition, as they have regular maintenance check-ups.

Although Durfee was not aware of the burglaries, he said, “If we have a camera that is not meeting someone’s needs, we can always change it out or do something with it.”

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