October BOT meeting runs short

Natalie Logan

The University of North Florida's Board of Trustees.
The University of North Florida’s Board of Trustees.

This month’s Board of Trustees Plenary Session lasted less than 20 minutes.

The lengthiest item was the President’s Report. Sharon Ashton, vice president for Public Relations, presented a new interactive virtual campus map and an online orientation program. She then showed a new “campus video” available as part of the map.

Janet Owen, vice president for Governmental Affairs, said the length of the meetings depends on the length of the agenda and how many discussions and presentations are scheduled.

“There wasn’t that much for them to do [this meeting],” Owen said.

There were 10 items on the agenda, including the call to order and the adjournment.

Other speakers included Trustee Lynn Pappas for the Academic Affairs Committee, Vice President for Administration and Finance Shari Shuman for the Finance and Audit Committee, and Vice President and General Council Karen Stone for the Litigation Update.

The full agenda for the Oct. 14 meeting can be found on the Board of Trustees website.

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