Running unopposed

Carter Roush

No new candidates will run for office during this year’s fall Student Government elections.

“There’s not going to be a contested election, but there is an election,” Senate President Christopher Brady said. He said not enough people ran for the available seats.

Ryan Traher, Student Government Director of Communications, said for an election to occur there need to be 20 or more candidates to contest the 20 senate seats going up for election in the fall semester.

Elections and Appointments chair Emily Antworth said 35-40 of the 200 SG applications that were passed out to students were turned in. Of those who submitted applications, several dropped out, did not fulfill the proper paperwork or were discarded for violations.

Antworth said she and other SG members try to raise awareness by personally informing students at events such as Market Days, where she passes out pamphlets and election applications to people passing by.

This semester’s election will take place Oct. 29-30. Antworth said those who are already in office will win by acclamation.

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