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Police Beat Nov. 1

Logo-policebeatSep. 30 – Fender Bender (Lot 5)

A student accidentally backed his truck into a vehicle when he attempted to park.

When backing into a parking space to the left of the vehicle, he struck the vehicle on the rear left side.

The other vehicle was parked legally in Lot 5, but at the time the report was written, the owner of the vehicle was not known.

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Oct. 28 – Modified Electronic Cigarette Discovered (Bldg. 61)

A modified electronic cigarette, used to smoke marijuana, was found in a damaged locker.

Around 11:30 p.m., a Student Wellness Center employee discovered a damaged self-locking men’s locker. The top portion was bent, and the lock was damaged, causing at least $199 in damage.

The damage was investigated further the next day, and a single electronic cigarette, modified to smoke marijuana, was found inside.

There is no usage log for the self-locking lockers, and there were no known witnesses to the damage.

Oct. 29 – Grand Theft: MacBook Pro (Bldg. 10)

A student forgot her laptop and other miscellaneous items on a bench and returned to find it stolen.

The victim had been studying on a bench between Honors Hall and the Coggin College of Business, adjacent to the lake. When friends approached, she became engrossed in conversation, and they all rushed off to class together.

About ten minutes later, the victim realized that she’d left her possessions, but returned to find them missing.

The MacBook Pro laptop, valued at $1,000, was silver. It had a “Natural Life” sticker, as well as a “Minion” sticker.

There are no known witnesses to the theft, and the items have not been turned into lost and found.

Oct. 30 – Marijuana (Osprey Crossings)

Shortly after 10:30 p.m., a resident assistant smelled marijuana emanating from a dorm room, and contacted UPD. A student confessed to smoking marijuana, and revealed a glass jar containing 5.6 grams of marijuana, a multi-colored pipe and a glass bong.

The student was giving a notice to appear for possession of drug paraphernalia and less than 20 grams of marijuana.

The student, and a fellow student who was a witness to the proceedings, were both referred to Student Conduct.

Oct. 30 – Beer, Marijuana, and Pipes found (Osprey Crossings)

Marijuana, homemade pipes, and beer were found sitting out in an Osprey Crossings dorm room.

A Resident Assistant was conducting a routine health and safety check of a dorm room, when she saw a plastic bag covering the smoke detector, a policy violation.

After smelling what she thought was marijuana, she called a Resident Life Coordinator, and UPD.

UPD found 11.3 grams of bagged marijuana on the sink counter as well as two twelve ounce cans of Budweiser.

Police also found two homemade marijuana pipes. One was made out of a 16 ounce water bottle, and the other was made from a two-liter pitcher and a ping pong ball.

The RLC said that two students were moving from this dorm room to another, and had left it in disarray. The two students were referred to Student Conduct.

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