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Employee bribes man to get back found wallet

Logo-policebeatA UNF employee resorted to bribery, after he found the wallet, and gave it to the wrong man.

The employee found a wallet on an Osprey shuttle early on Oct. 28. Based on the ID, it belonged to a black male.

The employee contacted his superiors, who told him to bring the wallet back to campus when he returned to work.

When he came to work that night, the employee said he forgot the wallet at home. The night shift supervisor told him to bring it back the next day.

On Oct. 29, when the supervisor asked where the wallet was, the employee reportedly said, “What wallet?”

The next day, the employee’s superior asked him about the wallet.

The employee then said a black male and a white male had confronted him about the wallet, and he had given it to them.

When asked if the wallet belonged to the black male he said had confronted him, the employee said “I guess so.”

The employee’s night shift supervisor left a note for his superior on Nov. 5.

It read: “ [superior], the black has turned up. [the driver] had it. His comment was that he got it back from the person he gave it to. He said he wouldn’t tell how he got it back but he did say he had to bribe the person to get it back. Strange…”

In other words, it appears that the driver gave the wallet to a black male who did not own it. The driver then resorted to bribery to recover the wallet.

The wallet was turned in to UPD and placed in the found property section.

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