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Police beat Jan. 10

Bike presumed stolen (Osprey Crossings) – Jan. 8

A student’s bicycle was presumed stolen after it disappeared from a Crossings bike rack.

The student, who lives at the Crossings, said she keeps her bike locked in the racks at Building Q.

She went to look for her bicycle and could not find it in any of the racks.

She found her Master Lock cable in the grass. The lock had been cut.

The student had recently purchased her bicycle and did not know its serial number.

There were no known suspects. No further police action was taken.

Illustrated by Zach Evans
Illustrated by Zach Evans

Wallet presumed stolen (Bldg. 58) – Jan. 9

A student, age 21, said he thinks a Middle-Eastern man might have stolen his wallet.

The student said he was approached by six Middle-Eastern men as he was playing a videogame in the game room. The men struck up a conversation with him, and they spoke for a while.

The men moved on, but the student did not move.

When the student got up to leave, he couldn’t find his wallet.

The wallet had been sitting on the right side of the couch– the same side which the six men had approached him from.

The student said he remembered discussing soccer during the conversation with the men.

The student said the men might have been Wolfson High School students because they talked about playing soccer there and losing to his former high school’s team.

Employees at the game room provided University of North Florida’s Police Department with a lead. A mid-east man had checked out a game from the front desk.

The man, a possible suspect, had been enrolled at UNF during the Summer 2013 semester, but is no longer a student. He was still in possession of his UNF ID card.

Police noted the possible suspect had previous run-ins with the law, and had once been issued a warning ticket by a UNFPD officer.

The victim said the possible suspect was wearing a bright light blue jacket with the initial ‘G’ and black jeans.

A canvass was conducted of the general area, but none of the mid-east men were found.

The case is currently under investigation.

More boots stolen, thief found (Lot 18) – Jan. 9

Two boots were removed from a red Toyota Corolla parked in the construction parking area of Lot 18.

Police tracked down the owner of the car, who admitted to removing the boots.

On Jan. 9, an officer was present when two boots were placed on a Corolla, around 4:30 p.m.

Later that evening, a Parking Services employee noticed that the vehicle and both boots were missing.

On Jan. 10, an officer went to the owner of the booted Corolla’s apartment. The owner consented to speaking with police and came out of his house.

The owner was asked what happened and admitted to removing the parking boots from his vehicle.

An officer then read him his constitutional rights, and the owner agreed that he understood.

The owner additionally said he removed the boots using bolt cutters purchased at Home Depot.

He said he removed the boots to keep his two jobs at Domino’s.

The owner showed police the bolt cutters during a voluntary search of his vehicle.

The owner said he placed both parking boots on the ground and left the area.

The owner’s vehicle and apartment were searched and no boots were found.

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