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Student suspects ex-boyfriend is impersonating her, and more

Illustrated by Zach Evans
Illustrated by Zach Evans

Update: Missing Social Security Card (Osprey Landing) – Jan. 7

A student who previously reported a missing Social Security Card told UNFPD she was satisfied with the outcome of their involvement, and did not require any more assistance.

It is not known if the card was found.

According to the police report, on Jan. 7, two Resident Life Coordinators met with the student’s roommate, who the student said may have taken her card.

The roommate said there is tension between her and the student. She said the student had previously agreed to take her to the store whenever she needed house essentials since she doesn’t have her own car. She said the student would come home from work and leave lights on in the room, even when she asked the student to turn them off.

The roommate also said though the student denied it, she thinks the student stole one of her shirts. The shirt had been missing, but she later found it stuffed in one of her drawers.

The roommate confessed to making statements about the student on a social media site. She said she meant nothing by them, and has crude humor. She was advised not to make any more statements on social media about the student, and she agreed.

Officers contacted the student via phone and told her about the meeting with the roommate.

The student said she would contact the housing office to resolve the matter with her roommate, was satisfied with the outcome of UNFPD’s involvement, and does not require any more assistance.

Illustration by Zach Evans
Illustration by Zach Evans

Marijuana (The Landing) – Jan. 17

A second floor Resident Assistant discovered students smoking marijuana after the odor came through the bathroom air vent from the room directly beneath her, according to a UNFPD report.

A UNFPD officer noticed a faint smell of marijuana when he knocked on the door of the room in question. The odor of marijuana became strong when a subject opened the door.

The officer told the subject, 18, he smelled the marijuana and asked the subject if he had any.

The student handed over a multicolored glass pipe which had marijuana residue on it.

The officer asked the student if he had more marijuana, and the student retrieved a small plastic bag of marijuana from a nightstand and handed it over.

Two other students, male and female, were present in the room during the investigation.

All three subjects (people invloved in a police investigation) were referred to Student Conduct.

Illustrated by Zach Evans
Illustrated by Zach Evans

Kindle Fire goes missing (Osprey Cove) – Jan. 18

A student left her room for one day, and returned to find her Kindle Fire missing, according to a UNFPD report.

The student, 18, said she left the Kindle in her room the morning of Jan. 17.

She returned to her room the morning of Jan. 18, and could not find the Kindle.

Nothing else was missing from the room.

The student did not suspect her roommate of theft.

The roommate told the student she didn’t have the Kindle, and did not know how it went missing.

The Kindle Fire, valued at $139, was black, and was in a red case.

There are no known suspects or witnesses to a theft.

Damaged water fountains (Bldg. 3, 4) – Jan. 18

Two water fountains sustained a combined $1,500 in damage.

Shortly after 5 p.m., a Physical Facilities supervisor alerted UNFPD to the damaged water fountains.

One fountain was located on the east end of Building 3. The other was located on the east end of Building 4.

Both fountains were hanging from the side of a building wall, leaking water.

The fountains appeared to have been kicked from the wall by an unknown suspect.

The officer who responded to the scene had completed a property check in the same vicinity less than an hour before the damage occurred.

The water fountains were in working condition at the time of his property check, according to the UNFPD report.

The officer left his property check at 4:32 p.m. and arrived to investigate the damaged fountains at 5:24 p.m. He said he believes the fountains were destroyed in that time frame.

There are no known suspects or witnesses to the incident.

Illustration by Zach Evans
Illustration by Zach Evans

Jan. 21 – Student thinks ex-boyfriend is impersonating her

A 19-year-old student, the complainant, said an ex-boyfriend may be impersonating her using text messages and a photo.

An unknown person sent text messages to the complainant’s friend asking where they were, if they worked out, and if they wanted to hang out, according to a UNFPD report.

One message showed a picture of the complainant’s face in the shower.

The complainant said she received a Facebook message from a friend on Jan. 21. The complainant’s friend received a text message from someone claiming to be the complainant, and wanted to see if the message was really from the complainant.

The complainant said she didn’t send the texts, and the phone number was not hers.

She was concerned someone might be trying to impersonate her, and a Facebook post which told her friends about the messages, asking them to disregard any requests.

After she posted the status, the complainant received messages from friends who had received such text messages.

The friends told her about the shower photo, and complainant remembered that she had sent the photo to a boyfriend several months ago. She said they are no longer seeing each other.

The complainant said she thinks her ex-boyfriend may be impersonating her because of the shower photo, and the the fact that the phone number appears to be from South Florida.

No one spoke to the person who sent the messages. All communication occurred through texts or messaging apps.

The UNFPD officer noted in his report that the messages did not discredit the complainant, make false statements about her, or offer promises or favors.

No repeated or harassing contact, threats, or emails occured at UNF.

The case is under investigation.

Illustration by Zach Evans
Illustration by Zach Evans

Marijuana found in traffic stop (Lot 5) – Jan. 22

An officer stopped a vehicle which had a nonfunctioning driver’s side headlight. The officer made contact with the driver, a 24-year-old graduate student, and saw multiple blunt wrappers in the vehicle.

The officer wrote the student a warning citation for the non functioning headlight, and asked if the blunts in the ashtray were from Black and Mild cigars.

The student confirmed they were and showed one to the officer.

The officer asked if there was anything illegal in the vehicle, and the student said there was not and told the officer he could search the vehicle.

The officer found three bottles of opened alcohol, a silver grinder with marijuana residue, and 2.2 grams of marijuana.

The student said none of the items were his and he lends his car to friends all the time.

The officer made the student pour out the alcohol bottles and dispose of them.

The officer noted in the police report that the student was cooperative and respectful during the traffic stop.

No charges were filed.

Illustrated by Zach Evans
Illustrated by Zach Evans

Grand theft reported (Bldg. 43) – Jan. 23

A projector that went missing in Oct. 2013 was reported as stolen on Jan. 23, according to a UNFPD report.

The projector was worth $500. The theft was classified as “Grand Theft” because the item’s value fell between $300 and $4,999 dollars.

The Associate Director of the Herbert University Center contacted UNFPD on Jan. 23 to report the theft.

The director was conducting a year-end inventory report, and couldn’t find a listed Panasonic Projector.

After realizing the projector was missing, he remembered an occurrence several months prior.

In Oct. 2013, a projector disappeared from a cart. The director thought another person may have used the projector somewhere else, or have moved it to another location. The projector was looked for over the next few days. It was never found.

The director said the storage rooms and areas are typically locked, but it is not unusual for employees to retrieve equipment for various events or patrons.

After the occurrence, the director began securing projectors to carts with cable locks. He also ensured the storage room was locked when it wasn’t being used.

The Panasonic Projector was a silver PT-L720U model, purchased in 1999.

There are no known suspects or witnesses to its disappearance.

Illustration by Zach Evans
Illustration by Zach Evans

Car vandalized (Lot 15) – Feb. 1

A student parked his car around midnight on Feb. 1, and discovered at noon that it had been damaged, according to a UNFPD report.

The vehicle, a 2002 Lexus, had scratches on the front and rear driver’s side doors.

The student, 18, said he did not know who might have wanted to damage his car.

Fingerprints were not taken from the car due to the time delay and overnight weather conditions.

There are no known witnesses or suspects.

Illustration by Zach Evans
Illustration by Zach Evans

Complainant, 29, felt followed by subject, 49 – Feb. 4

A female complainant, 29, stated in a police report that a male subject, 49, had made unwanted verbal contact with her, had followed her, and had stared at her through her classroom door since the beginning of the spring semester.

The subject said he had spoken to the complainant a few times, and told her she looked pretty.

He said wherever he went the complainant appeared to be there as well.

A UNFPD officer told the subject to leave the complainant alone, and refrain from speak to or looking at her.

Both the subject and the complainant were told that if further contact was made, additional law enforcement actions would take place.

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